About the Artist


I create intimate, intense animal portraiture that interprets a unique sense of dignity and personality -  be it joy, desire, or even sorrow, so that each furry individual can be celebrated and cherished, both in the moment, and for life. My imagery celebrates a special presence, an inner spark that connects to ours.  I  hope my art brings joy to animal lovers, raises funds for animal  advocacy, and inspires others to learn about and protect our precious friends.

Portraying these personalities is a passion for me, a  deep kind of intimacy. My sense of time, age and gender seem to disappear when I am at my easel.  What emerges from my canvases are vibrant interpretations and translations in oil, designed to touch a person's heart.  These paintings are windows into the furriest souls as I see them, tangible, yet magical salutes to the animal-human emotional connection. 


Through  use of intense oil color, unusual texture (often with palette knife)  and a slight sense of motion, an individual essence and sense of spirit is developed.  The eyes are created first so that right from the start, there is another being here to celebrate and play with me, quite a  personal and sensual experience. It feels as if I come to know each individual intimately, bonding in the hours we spend together in creative process.  I fall in love with every animal I paint.

Animal Advocacy Organizations are supported through my artwork.

When not making art, I study classical dressage riding with my best buddy and companion horse "Ricky".